The Blessings on Sant Antoni


Resulting from the Christianization of the primitive pagan rites of the winter solstice, the “Beneïdes de Sant Antoni” are the most deeply rooted and popular feasts in Mallorca. The feasts are worth seeing and taking part in order to get to know the mediterranean character of Majorcan people.

In Andratx the foguerons with torradas (grill), dimonis (devil passacaglia) , usually take place on saturday and on sunday it takes place the beneïdes (blessings).

“Sant Antoni”, “Dimonis”, “Foguerons” (campfires placed in the middle of the streets), the rebirth of the sun. The feast is reach in symbolism. The visitor can get the best out of it in Andratx, S’Arracó and Port d’Andratx.

General info

Feast of “Sant Antoni”: around second weekend in January.
Winter solstice. It is celebrated on the closest weekend to the 17 January.